SQLAsset Mobile

Carry the power of SQLAsset in your hand. Become the game changer and an Asset Management Expert!



SQLAsset bring reminder of warranty expiry date, service due date and check in date to your mobile.

Asset Tracking

Scan a QR code or barcode of an asset and get it’s details and history. It even come with a Google Map where it suppose to be.


Asset Audit

Audit Asset by location or Group and get to know what is missing and what is extra directly in your mobile or Report in System. All you need to do is scan, scan, scan…


Get the digital secretary in the SQLAsset Apps!

Imagine how nice that someone will remind you about daily asset warranty expiry date, service due date and asset check in date. Wow… it’s really give me a peace of mind.

Idea of asset on the go

Why wait for an answer?

Our user told us they want a mobile app that allowed them to know the details of an asset when they found it without referring to anyone else. A mobile apps would help, and the best part is the Apps is absolutely FREE!

Asset Audit

Knowing the missing one!

A quick answer is a good answer. Scanning the code for all assets in a location or group. Make you able to know what happen to your asset. No more Ghost Asset and staff will take good care of all their asset as they know someone is watching.

Reminder + Tracking + Audit

The quickest way to be an Asset Management Expert has just become mobile